Our Story


normally it's not easy when searching for the right things to help you along the way with your meditation. we found that you have to go to multiple sites to find what you want and at the best price. so we decided to create this store to help others come to one place and find things that are unique and useful for their meditation experience at a great price.

some things you may find elsewhere that is standard. we wanted fun, creative, beautiful, and unique items. we are continuosly adding to the store with much more to come.

this is a one stop shop full of fun, cool, powerful , and healing things to help you add to your meditation experience. we know that you have your own unique style, taste, and way to meditate. so here are some beautiful spiritual things to help you make your meditation experience enlightening and energetic.

meditation is not suppose to be stressful or all that thinking. it's suppose to be light, fun, energetic, and fulfilling. so we have a few things here to help you along. these things are for beginners and the seasoned. complete your meditation room or just have some tools to assist you were ever you are. just have fun with it. remember energy is important, so pick out what ever is right for you.

thank you to everyone for the overwhelming support. we happy that good energy is being transferred and you are pleased with the experience and products. That's the point right :-) nothing but love and good vibes.

most of our products are hand made and will take up to 3-4 weeks to delivery. they will be perfect for you and right on time.

For questions on products email contact@meditatingthings.com and for orders processed and has not been received refer to the terms and conditions section here.


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happy meditating :)